Friday, 22 March 2013

Remember the Real Source

"Thankfulness is a builder and strengthener. Thankfulness is a healer, a multiplier of the good and dissolver of the negative. Thankfulness is a lifter and life-giver. Thankfulness is a fortifier and a comforter. Thankfulness is an attracting power for blessings, a lightener of any load or burden, an ingredient of Spirit that produces miracles in the life of anyone in any situation." ~~ "God Will See You Through" by Mary L Kupferle
I have observed man-made supply can be inconsistent and has limits, while God's supply is always constant and limitless. The trick is to always remember who the Real Source of my supply is.

As I was entering the library, the security guard at the desk told me the Internet was very slow.  I thanked him for the information.

Before I logged on, I reminded myself that God is the Source and Internet provider.  The library is only one of many channels that God expresses through. 

The connection was slow. As I kept thanking God for being the provider, it got faster and faster until it was back to normal, at least what is normal for them.  Our Internet at home is a lot faster.

Regardless of what appearances might seem to suggest, I KNOW all creations have only one Source - God.

Thank you, God, for everything!


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