Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Reminder to Self - Being the Presence

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Being the Presence

I have a cat friend I see from time to time who lives about 3 miles from me. When we meet he expresses his affection by rubbing his body around my legs and jumps on the ledge and lets me stroke him. He usually accompanies me to the end of his road. The last time I saw him he even crossed the road with me. While my friend is expressing his love, he does all this in silence. I've known this cat for about a year and I believe I've only heard him miaow twice.

I believe my cat friend represents the Presence in me, that which is stillness, but is still very much active.

I believe the purpose of life is to be the Presence and express the Presence's eternal attributes in form some of which include: abundance, bliss, beauty, creativity, freedom, happiness, harmony, intelligence, joy, love, light, order, peace, perfection, power, truth, wisdom etc.

The easiest way, I find, to be the Presence is to be in silence. In other words, be still and have no thoughts.

As the Presence, I am being all the attributes simultaneously and when the need arises, the appropriate attribute arises spontaneously. Therefore, when I need to feel joy, I either feel joy or I observe something that makes me laugh.

As the Presence, I am constantly receiving light and energy needed for whatever intention that has my focus at the time. For instance, when I got on the bus this morning, I instantly felt drained of energy like I was being sucked dry. I relaxed and went into silence and I was instantly "charged."

As the Presence, I am able to observe the Intelligence at work behind all creations that makes all things flow in perfect order. When I finished writing this piece, I found myself moving the paragraphs around and the theme changed from what I had originally intended. So I revised the title to "Being the Presence."

As the Presence, I can still go about my daily duties but when I do so from the place of stillness, life is so effortless and wonderful.

Does this mean I can no longer think?

I still think but it's the Presence that does the thinking and pondering as part of expressing different attributes which are then made manifest in form.

Being the Presence makes like easy, fun and full of wonder.

I love being the Presence.


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