Saturday, 23 March 2013

Reminder to Self - One Problem, One Solution

The following article was previously posted on my Nothing Wrong With Me blog.


Friday, 16 July 2010

One Problem, One Solution

Years ago, I had this vivid dream where people were asking me questions about various problems they were having. Each time I was asked I would look in a book and the solution was always the same - one.

But, why was I giving out the same solution when people obviously had different kinds of problems? Surely, I should have given answers that matched the problems?

I believe my dream was revealing that no matter how many problems there appear to be, they are all manifestations of the one problem which stems from forgetfulness of the nature of reality: that there is only One Self appearing as the many.

Now the One knows nothing of problems nor does He ever experience problems. Since the One doesn't have any problems, there are no problems. However, in order to experience this as real, it's important to constantly remember that regardless of appearances, only One exists.

Then just observe as the One Self does all the work of dissolving, resolving and transforming what appears to be "problems" in amazing and wonderful ways to meet each individual's needs.

The solution to everyone's problems is One.


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