Thursday, 14 March 2013

Singing in the Library? Heaven Forfend!

While I was at the library, someone suddenly burst into a song.  I and other bemused users stared in the direction where the noise was coming from.  The oblivious singer's voice got louder and louder.  Soon, a security guard approached the singer and asked her to stop singing as it wasn't allowed.

In the world that we are collectively dreaming, there is a time and place for everything.  It's perfectly OK for you to sing at a concert, a religious meeting, a talent contest, a music studio or in your home; but heaven forfend that you would sing in a library! The only people that tend to break those rules are people who are considered "nuts", children and animals.

Those who are "nuts" tend not to pay attention to rules of behaviour.

Generally, libraries tend to have sections for kids so singing is never a problem.

Animals don't tend to use libraries.  Having said that, I have seen two cats in one particular library. One cat was accompanied by his human friend and the other was taking his daily constitutional through the library.  Neither of the cats sang at the time so I guess the librarians thought it was perfectly acceptable for both of them to be in the library. 

As I see it, the Spirit of singing is everywhere.  When the Spirit moves you to sing, there's really not a lot you can do about it.  That's what usually happens with very young children. When the Spirit moves them to sing, they sing. It matters not where they are.  As children get older and learn about the rules of the society they live in, they get shy about singing in public places like libraries. Or is it that they are now less frequently moved by the Spirit of singing?

I feel a song coming on now but I'll sing in my heart.  I wouldn't want to upset anyone with my voice. :-)


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