Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Bus Announcer

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Bus Announcer

A lot of the buses in London now have the automated Announcer that lets passengers not only know the destination but lists every stop on the way. I've also noticed that it's the same woman's voice in all the buses with this technology.

For me, the Announcer represents the ONE in all, while each bus route represents each individual with their own unique personality, needs and desires. Because the ONE knows each individual intimately, HE can be whatever each individual needs in every moment.

Just like the Announcer technology is only useful when it is switched on, in the same respect, the Voice of the ONE can only benefit each individual when it is activated. In other words, life without the ONE is rather like someone dying of thirst right next to a running tap.

How do I activate the ONE?

I believe it is important to realise HIS presence, call on HIM for assistance in every moment, and let HIM experience life as me.

Once the ONE is activated, all I have to do is trust in the ONE and know that HE is always working perfectly on my behalf no matter how things appear.

Thank you, Transport for London, for demonstrating the ONE so perfectly.

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