Monday, 8 April 2013

Note to Self - Social Life

I had planned to meet up with a friend.

About three hours before going out, I received an email from a friend, who lives near me, to ask if I fancied going for a walk at that very moment.  Although the invitation was tempting, I decided I didn't have enough time to go for a long walk and meet the other friend.  I emailed her back telling her I'd already made other arrangements and suggested we meet up next week.

After I sent off the email, I wondered why my friend had invited me out at that particular moment. Was there something I was supposed to know?

An hour later, I received a text from the friend I was going to meet up with apologising that he couldn't meet up after all.  At first I was annoyed at him for cancelling at such short notice and told him so.  After I had calmed down, I was able to see how the Universe had preempted the cancellation by arranging for me to hang out with my other friend.

I then called my friend and asked if she still wanted to go out for the walk, but she had started cooking dinner. By the time she finished it would be a bit late to meet up. We did have a nice conversation and arranged to meet up later during the week.

Note to self - always trust in the One/Love to organise your social life. Then everything always works out for the best.


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