Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pulling on My Heart Strings

When I was putting out the rubbish, I heard a cat miaowing. I saw this black and white cat sitting in a box in front of our neighbour's house.  I thought he was so adorable!  I beckoned for the cat to come over, which he did.

While I was busy stroking him, my neighbour opened her front door and asked me if I knew who the cat belonged to. I said I didn't. She said the cat has been hanging around for the last few days. She said she was going to put a notice up in the neigbhourhood.  She advised me not to feed the cat, otherwise, I would get emotionally attached to it.

I didn't heed my neighbour's warning.  How could I resist that cute face and voice?

I fed my friend some leftover tuna we had in the fridge. I also give my friend some milk but he didn't have any.

I then said goodbye to my friend and wished him well but he wouldn't leave. He sat outside the door miaowing.

I pray my friend is reunited with his owner or finds a suitable home.


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