Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Realise Your True Nature

A video was brought to my attention about an autistic girl who communicates by typing out how she's feeling.

I can so relate to how the girl feels about being overwhelmed by sounds and sights and their effects on her body. I have not been diagnosed as "autistic" but I have had similar problems picking up on thoughts and I've devised ways to cope with all those unwanted sensations.


By constantly realising my true nature.

I believe each of us is infinite light i.e. we occupy all time, all space and all realities. At the same time, we are all unique individuals.

We are not designed to conceal our light or absorb another's light, we are designed to express and shine our light; and allow others to do the same.

I believe mental disorder is an effect of denying your uniqueness and trying to be what you're not.

I haven't got a disorder, I am infinite light.


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