Sunday, 26 May 2013

Beauty Products

Years ago, someone recommended this moisturising cream that was supposed to be good for women over thirties. It was such an expensive cream that could only be bought at a particular department store. The cream didn't make me look young or anything. However, I had so bought into the idea of anti-aging that I was scared to use other products.

One day I "woke up" and realised beauty products only work if you believe they do.  So I stopped using expensive beauty products and started using baby lotion (the supermarket brand) as both a body moisturiser and on my face.

I believe when you buy into products that are supposed to be anti-this or anti-that, what you're trying to prevent is always going to be in your consciousness and you end up experiencing it.

If I'm going to buy into an illusion, I would rather buy into a product that is baby skin conscious than anti-aging conscious.


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