Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Infinite Intelligence

During my bus journey, I noticed this boy running towards the bus stop. Presumably, he was trying to catch the bus in front.  I was even egging him on but the boy stopped running.  He must have realised he couldn't catch the bus.  The boy turned round and he noticed the bus I was in behind.  He ran ahead and got to the bus stop in time to catch it.

When the boy got on, I wondered why he'd been running for the bus in front which uses a different route to the one I was travelling in. My question was soon answered when the boy got off.  It turned out  the bus I was in was actually the right bus for the boy. If he'd caught the one in front, he would have had to get off earlier and walk. 

I believe the One/God, who is Infinite Intelligence, always knows what we all need in every moment and is constantly shape shifting reality to meet each need.  That's why the boy missed the boy in front because the one he really needed was the one behind.

Thank you, Infinite Intelligence, for always knowing what is right for me in every situation.


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