Wednesday, 1 May 2013

No Broken Links in Self - Revisited

When I was a child growing up in Africa, my brothers and I used to visit my cousins. I remember what fun times we had. I also loved their mum (my aunt) who was always so kind to us. (She passed away over 10 years).  When me moved to the UK, we lost touch. I haven't seen or heard from those cousins for over 30 years.

Two days ago, I thought about the older cousin and wondered how he was doing.

Last night, my mother received a phone call from a relative.  During their conversation, the relative asked about the same aunt, whose son I had been thinking about; and mum told him she passed away a long time ago.

In the human sense of things, we can appear to be separated from loved ones through various circumstances. However, in the realm of Spirit, there are no broken links in the One Self that we all are. 

That's why when I think of a loved one, they always acknowledge my thought as we are always one.


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