Friday, 21 June 2013

Free Gift

My mother used to order deluxe chocolates from this company but then she stopped.  The last time she ordered a box was when she wanted to give me a nice surprise.   Since then the company has been phoning her regularly to ask her if she wants more chocolates but she's been telling them she doesn't want any.

Yesterday, mum received a box of chocolates from the company. The box was actually their Easter eggs collection and they said, as a valued customer, they wanted to offer it to her as a free gift. Since mum doesn't like eating too much chocolates, she gave them to me.

Mum reckons the company is just trying to reel her in with their free gift.

I don't care what the company's motives are for sending my mother the free gift, all I know is those chocolates are a gift from Love for which I am very grateful.


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