Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Knowing and Not Knowing

Every week I read up about what's coming up in the story lines for the characters in the TV soaps that I watch. 

Why would you want to spoil your fun?  Why can't you wait till the actual episode so you can discover what's coming up then?

Because I like to know in advance. That's just me.

How are you going to experience anything new when you know what's coming up in advance?

Even though I read up on the episodes, the episode are never the same as the synopses; they are always new things to discover. It's rather like looking up an address on the map.  Just because I know where the address is doesn't mean I know the area inside out, it's still an unknown territory.  The only way I can get to know the area is to explore it in person.

I also do find it fun not knowing.  It's rather like putting out an intention to have a particular experience but not knowing how it's going to be made manifest.  That's the wonder of not knowing.

I love knowing and I love not knowing. 


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