Sunday, 30 June 2013

Smart Phone, Smart Move

My friend and I were chatting about her new smart phone, which she's been trying to suss out. She said she was going to ask me if I could help her as I'm very good at computers. I told her I was the last person to ask as I've still got a very old-fashion mobile phone.  I'm obviously not smart enough to have a smart phone. ;-)

My friend said after she put some money in her phone and the money went after two days she went to a mobile phone shop for advice.  At the first shop she went to, one customer adviser told her she wasn't familiar with smart phones and couldn't help her.  At least she was honest.

My friend then prayed and asked God to lead her to someone else who could help her.

The next shop she went to, one customer adviser was very understanding as he'd had a similar experience with his smart phone.  He advised how to upload some photos that had been sent to her phone. He then put her on a tariff where the gets free texts and free access to the Internet for a very small fee.

My friend then realised there was another branch of the same mobile phone shop near where she lived and went in to ask them further questions about her mobile. She was told that they run tuition which they charge for.  My friend said she was disgusted at the customer adviser's unhelpful attitude.

I find it's interesting how after my friend prayed to be led to someone who could help her, she was led to someone who gave her the advice for free.  When she didn't pray and asked another adviser from  the same company, their advice came with strings attached.

I said to my friend that's all the more reason why it's important to pray about everything

In other words, it's always a smart move to ask God first about all our endeavours.


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