Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wake Up!

Once when I was travelling on the bus and the bus reached its final destination, I noticed a passenger who was still fast asleep.  Even though the driver had announced it was the last stop the passenger was sound asleep.

I went over to him and shook his shoulder gently and told him we were at the last stop and it was time to wake up, but he wouldn't budge.

So I let the driver know about the sleeping passenger. 

The driver went up to the passenger and shouted at him to wake up, which scared the poor passenger out of his wits.  The passenger couldn't get out of the bus fast enough.

I believe in this dream called life that we are collectively dreaming, everyone is destined to "wake up" from their sleep. By this I mean, becoming fully conscious of the truth of who we really are as boundless, free and limitless Spirit.

I believe the easiest way to wake up is to wake yourself up. If that doesn't work, then life will wake you up the hard way or the easy way.


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