Monday, 29 July 2013


While I was walking home, it started raining fat droplets of rain. I took out my umbrella.  I then thought to myself: "Imagine walking home in dry weather all the way home!"

The rain immediately stopped and for the next hour or so it was dry all the way home.

I also thought: "Imagine seeing my cat friends. Imagine meeting my black and white cat friend and being able to stroke him."

When I walked by a particular area where some of my cat friends live, I didn't see any of them.  Never mind!  I gave the matter no further thought.  About a mile from where I live, I noticed a black and white cat sitting outside this gate. When I said hello, the cat miaowed really loud and ran towards me. He then let me stroke him. He even rolled over on his back so I could play with him.

Since all is Infinite Mind, then everything is happening in our imagination.  If I can imagine it, it already exists.  Sooner or later, it's bound to be made manifest.


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