Saturday, 27 July 2013

Seeing Things as They Are

My mother and I had agreed to meet at the supermarket. On the way there, I noticed one particular bus stop was closed and they had created a temporary one further up the road. I made a mental note to tell my mother, as she usually catches her bus to church from that stop.

When I met up with my mother, I asked her if she'd noticed the bus stop was closed and she said no. I pointed it out to her and where she could catch her bus. She admitted she doesn't see things even though her eyes are open. I said to her many people walk around with their eyes wide shut.

I believe the reason why people can't "see" what is in front of them is because they are usually too busy thinking, fretting and feeling strong emotions, which obscures their vision, in rather the same way clouds hide the blue sky. To see things as they are, you have to cultivate being in peace.

Another way to see things as they are is someone who has clear vision can help you see things as they really are.

I've noticed some road signs warning people about an upcoming event next weekend, which is expected to disrupt journeys into the city. I've already warned my mother about it in case she's planning on going to church on that day.


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