Saturday, 27 July 2013

The One Who Cares

"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man." ~~ Psalm 118: 8
In the world of the conditioned self aka the ego, people only care about what concerns them whether it's their affairs, stuff, family, friends, home, employment, business, politics, tribe, race, nation, religion, etc. You will do all you can to protect what you care about.

You are so wrapped up in whatever you're interested in, you don't care about anything else.

The ego mindset only offers help or is "kind" to others if it benefits them. If there's nothing to be gained, who cares?

I believe there is One who cares about everything and everyone. That One is the Love that we all are and the real Self that we all share. It is that One that inspires us to give unconditional love to "strangers" whether it's in the form of a smile, greeting, helping someone in need, sharing your experiences, ideas and talents, etc.

Speaking of which, my mother asked me to buy a condolence card for someone in her church who was recently bereaved. I made a mental note to pick up one at a particular card shop in town. I was so busy doing what I care about I forgot about getting the card. I decided to go for a nice long walk later by the river and enjoy the weather. Before my walk, I stopped off at a local supermarket to get a packet of crisps (potato chips) and a can of drink to have during the walk. It was then I had a thought that I hadn't bought the card. The shop I was in didn't sell cards. I thought to myself that I will get the card the next day. I then had a thought that as I was going for a long walk, I could easily stop off at a larger store and get the card there. It would mean a slight detour but I could make it part of my walk. I decided to go with that idea.

At the supermarket, the first condolence card I saw had the words on the front: "Caring thoughts are with you..." I looked at another one but it didn't feel right so I chose the "caring thoughts" card.

To avoid disappointment, I choose to trust in the One who not only cares about everyone, He always ensures all needs are met perfectly.


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