Friday, 19 July 2013

The Universe Wants Me to Do It

I've had this idea to give someone a nice surprise. Since I had the thought I've been noticing the "surprise" I have in mind everywhere.  I'm not going to mention what the surprise is in case the person is reading this post.

Yesterday, I thought how lovely it would be to go on a day trip to Southend-on-Sea, which is supposed to have the longest pier in the world.  I went there years ago and it was fun to walk down the pier. I asked my mother if she was interested in coming along. Although she seemed interested, there were logistics to consider like how to get from the station to the beach.  I have no problem walking there but it is a big deal for my mother, especially in the heat.

This morning,  I noticed a woman in a wheelchair at the bus stop. When one bus was approaching I asked her if it was the one she was waiting for and she said yes so I beckoned for it to stop. She couldn't get in as there were already two women with their push chairs inside. I pointed to her that people in wheelchairs are usually given priority over mothers with push chairs, but she said didn't want to be any trouble. Besides, she prefers travelling on a less crowded bus.

While we were waiting, I asked my friend where she was headed and she said she was off to visit her partner who lived in a place called Reigate outside London. She was taking the bus to a train station in town and then catching the train from there. I said to her that it must be nice getting out of London. She said Reigate was very green but it's quiet; and London is very colourful, which she loves.  I told her I'd been thinking of going to Southend.  My friend said she'll be attending a wedding at Southend in three weeks time.

Just then I noticed my bus approaching and I said goodbye to my friend and wished her a good wedding.

Methinks the Universe wants me to take that trip to Southend very soon, alone or accompanied.


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