Saturday, 20 July 2013

What is Abundance?

What is abundance? 

Is abundance simply about how much money one has to spend or share?

I believe abundance is the sum total of who we all are.

My abundance consists of my: beliefs, blessings, energy, experiences, ideas, joy, love, passion, possessions, prayers, presence, smiles, talent, time, truth, vision, wealth and words.

Some people might argue that my idea of abundance is not going to help someone in desperate need. I beg to differ. Sometimes, I only have to say hello or smile at a stranger to make them feel good about themselves and when you're feeling good, you're open to experience more good.

I have heard from readers who have told me how much my experiences have inspired them. When you are inspired, you are open to experience good in your life.

I've heard of people who travel thousands of miles to be in the presence of spiritual gurus and masters. Why? Because the spiritual guru/master's presence is healing and uplifting. When you are happy within yourself, your presence uplifts people.

If you haven't got money to give someone in need, praying for them and seeing their needs met is another way to meet their need.

If money is the only way you think of abundance, then you are not only missing out on the infinite ways Abundance is made manifest, you are not open to expressing your own abundance.

And when you share your abundance, you inspire others to share of their own abundance with you.  

I am Abundance.


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